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Everyone wants to live a long and happy life...yes, into the 80s and 90s, and we listen, intently, and almost daily, to "longevity experts" telling you how. The problem is that they give you theory, conjecture. We at HappyLongevity.org give you specifics from people who have lived well into their 90s happy and healthy, people in their 90s...like Sally Goros who;
  • Lived vibrantly with her Significant Other in a foreign country at the age of 96
  • Worked as a volunteer for the Better Vision For Children Foundation. http://www.bvcsite.com/
  • Danced... to R&B, jazz, swing whenever possible
  • Drove to and helped with children's vision screenings
  • Did her own housecleaning, even though she could afford to pay others to do it
  • Cooked gourmet dishes...Mexican friends say she made better huevos rancheros than they do
  • Exercised in several special and secret disciplines
  • Could still thread her sewing needles
  • Ate a special healthy, tasty, low calorie chocolate...EVERY DAY
  • Drank a special organic coffee with a healthy antioxidant..DAILY
  • Drank an alcoholic beverage...EVERY EVENING!
  • Did something else, perhaps the most important of all, EVERY DAY

Wouldn't you like to know more about longevity and our simple methods for achieving it? Just make a tax deductible donation of at least $15 to the Better Vision For Children Foundation...
by clicking HERE.


Sally Goros & Partner Tom Have Won Many Twist Dance Contests